Neighborhood Action Groups

Our Community Policing philosophy is to develop a partnership with the citizens we serve by working together to help prevent crime and solve neighborhood issues of concern.

Our objectives are to work with residents and businesses of the community to help resolve neighborhood problems and improve their quality of life, to teach residents of all ages about crime prevention and personal safety, and to put residents in touch with other agencies that will assist with their social concerns.

In 1994 the Port Arthur Police Department applied for and received a 1 million dollar grant from the Department of Justice to implement the Integrated Community Oriented Policing Program (I.C.O.P.) in the City of Port Arthur.

With the implementation of the Integrated Community Oriented Policing Program in 1994, the Port Arthur Police Department has teamed up with the Citizens and have formed a total of 18 Neighborhood Action Groups.  All of the N.A.G. Groups are directed by the Port Arthur Neighborhood Action Council. 

 What is a Neighborhood Action Group?

 A Neighborhood Action Group is a group of citizens who want to take an active role in assisting the police department in deterring and solving crimes as well as other neighborhood issues that concern them. 

 Who can join a Neighborhood Action Group?

 Any resident can join a Neighborhood Action Group. Groups have been organized within residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and housing projects.  We currently have over 1,000 citizens participating in Neighborhood Action Groups.  Our program, with the help of many great citizens, will continue to grow and expand.  Since the implementation of our program in 1994, the N.A.G. Groups, working in partnership with the police department, have helped decrease crime in Port Arthur by 54%.

If you would like to find out how you can get involved in your Neighborhood Action Group please call :

Sergeant Lam Nguyen
(409) 983-8680

Port Arthur Neighborhood
Action Council
Stonegate Neighborhood Action Group
 Arthur Square Neighborhood
Action Group
Edison-Lee Neighborhood
 Action Group
Concerned Citizens for Safer Streets-
West Side 
Concerned Citizens for Safer Streets-
Savannah Section 
Concerned Citizens of Pear Ridge Concerned Citizens of Park Place
 Concerned Citizens of Port Arthur Concerned Citizens of Lakeview 
Concerned Citizens of Griffing Park Concerned Citizens of Port Acres 
Concerned Citizens of Sabine Pass   Concerned Citizens of Montrose 
Concerned Citizens of Elvista/ Vista Village Concerned Citizens of Lakeside