Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit detectives investigate all Homicides, Robberies, Aggravated Assaults, Kidnapping, Theft from Persons, and Assaults (non-Family Violence.) 

 (409) 983-8634
 Detective Brian Fanette  (409) 983-8635


The Burglary detectives investigate all Burglary offenses including, Burglary of a Habitation, Business, Building, Coin Operated Machines, and Thefts (other than checks, credit cards, and internal thefts.)

Burglary cases are being assigned to various detectives.  Please call (409) 983-8624 for more information.
 Sex Offender Registration & Compliance
 Detective Joe Paul  (409) 983-8644

 Sex Crimes (also crimes against elderly and children)

The Sex Crimes detectives investigate all Sexual Assaults, Injury to Elderly, Injury to a Child, Child Endangerment/Abandonment, Protective Orders, and Violations of Court Orders. 

(409) 983-8650
Detective Camalita Snowden (409) 983-8608

Fraud & Forgery

The Fraud & Forgery detectives investigate all Theft of Checks, Credit Card Abuse, Scams,  Pigeon Drops,  Internal Thefts, Thefts by Check (Over $1,500), and Forgeries.  They also investigate Cyber Crimes (Crimes involving the Internet.)

Detective Brian Cater (409) 983-8623
  (409) 983-8626

Auto Theft 

The Auto Theft detective investigates motor vehicle thefts.  

 Visit the Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force at:

Detective Earl Boudreaux (409) 983-8645

Vehicular Crimes (also leaving the scene accident offenses)

The Vehicular Crimes detective investigates crimes involving motor vehicles such as Burglary of Motor Vehicles and leaving the scene of the accident offenses.

(409) 983-8646
 Family Violence

The Family Violence detective investigates all Family Violence Assaults and any other Family related incidents.

   (409) 983-8631


The Misdemeanor Crimes detective investigate all Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass,  Evading Arrest/ Detention, Resisting Arrest, Retaliation, Harassment/ Threats, Cruelty to Animals and Bomb Threat cases.   

Detective Patricia Mendez-Castillo (409) 983-8641
Identification/Crime Scene Processing

The Identification Section is the forensic arm of the Criminal Investigations Division. This Section is responsible for responding to major cases such as robberies, major burglaries, and homicides to perform the task of processing a crime scene to locate minute pieces of evidence left behind. This may involve dusting the area for latent fingerprint evidence, blood stains, DNA evidence, crime scene photography and more.  Our Forensic Specialists include:

Marie Kirkland  (409) 983-8666
Tommy Lock (409) 983-8625
Leesa Bigelow (409) 983-8546