Community Response Unit

Supervisor:  Sergeant Lam Nguyen

(409) 983-8680

Detective Jonathan Green
Detective Sadie Guedry
Detective Mike Hebert

Our Department believes in and practices Community Policing.  We see it as an organization-wide philosophy, value system, and management approach that promotes community, government, and policing partnerships, proactive problem solving, and community engagement to address the causes of crime, the fear of crime, and other community issues.  The Community Response Unit multi-tasks to focus on quality of these issues that includes, but is not limited to, crimes involving gangs, prostitution, gambling, and guns.

The Community Response Unit joined forces in 2007 and is a specialty unit of officers who are involved in the specialized enforcement of targeted street level crimes such as prostitution sweeps, burglary/robbery tracking, gang intelligence, and other quality of life crimes.  The Street Crimes Unit also manages the City’s several Neighborhood Action Groups and works in strong collaboration with the Investigations Division and Narcotics Unit sharing criminal intelligence information.

The mission of the Port Arthur Police Community Response Unit is to disrupt and prevent dangerous street level criminal activity within the city of Port Arthur and to provide a safe and secure environment for the citizenry quality of life.

Street level criminal activity poses a specific and significant threat to the public’s ability to live safely, move freely, and conduct business.  The Street Crimes Unit targeted activities include, but are not limited to: neighborhood saturation patrols, prostitution enforcement, narcotics, illegal weapons possession, burglary, robbery, gang activity, and the apprehension dangerous wanted persons.

The Community Response Unit focuses resources to investigate specific criminal activity that is a danger to the general public. The Street Crimes Unit is directed overall by the Chief of Police and Deputy Chief and daily operations are driven by citizen complaints and areas of recent criminal activity.

It is the goal of the Community Response Unit to make committing crimes within the City of Port Arthur difficult, thereby reducing crime and improving quality of life.